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Platy is a common name of freshwater fish in the genus Xiphophorus that lacks a "sword" at the bottom of their tails. Both species are livebearers, similar to other. The southern platyfish, common platy, or moonfish (Xiphophorus maculatus) is a species of freshwater fish in family Poeciliidae of order Cyprinodontiformes. Platy (Poecilia) is one of the most popular tank fishes. Unpretentiousness, beauty, various coloring patterns, easy to breed – this is all about platy (Poecilia). In this article we’ll tell you about platy fish care and breeding.

Learn how to care for a Platy Fish. From feeding to breeding, you will find all of the information that you need here. Fish guide for Platies, Platy Fish facts for Southern or Common Platy Xiphophorus maculatus and Variatus or Variable Platyfish Xiphophorus variatus. Platies. Platyfish definition, any of several small, yellow-gray freshwater fishes of the genus Xiphophorus, especially X. variatus, of Mexico: popular in home aquariums.


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